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This blog describes one of the many ways to convert MySQL table to AWS DynamoDB database. This option described here leverages lambda service. AWS Lambda is server-less; so no need to set up and configure a server. Further, AWS Lambda gives the flexibility to pick the language of choice. …

AWS AppSync, Amplify, DynamoDB, S3 and React, GraphQL

In this post, I will try to explain the steps needed to develop a production-ready serverless backend API powered by AWS AppSync and GraphQL that scales to MILLIONS of requests. …

Conda logo
Conda logo

Conda is a package manager that comes with Anaconda.

And i wanted to make a list of all this commands so that users can find them quickly when necessary…

To install a package, just substitute the package_name with the package you want to install in the following code.

conda install…

Ayon Roy

I am a programmer and developer. I have worked and contributed many personal and Open-Sourced projects.

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